Bottomless Brunch: The Secret Weapon of Health Nuts (Maybe Not!)

Brunch, a delightful hybrid of breakfast and lunch, has long been a cherished weekend tradition in New York City. But when you add the word "bottomless" to it, the stakes—and the glasses—get significantly higher. In New York City, the concept of bottomless brunch has taken a life of its own, turning a simple meal into a veritable feast of unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and more. Yet, as enticing as they sound, these awesome brunches can be a test of one's self-restraint, and hardly a health nut's go-to—but hey, we don’t judge! After all, as Oscar Wilde once said, “everything in moderation - including moderation.” He made sense. 

Bottomless Brunch NYC: A City That Never Stops Sipping

In the city that never sleeps, bottomless brunch has become a weekend staple. Fortunately for all who live here, the Bowery offers some of the best bottomless brunches in NYC. It's not just about the unlimited drinks; it's the atmosphere of conviviality and celebration that draws in the crowds. 

At Ainslie, we  take bottomless brunch to new heights in our sophisticated yet relaxed environment. Here’s a little sip of history to enjoy as you plan your visit: did you know that the Bloody Mary was reportedly invented in the 1920s in Paris? It’s said that the cocktail was a serendipitous concoction aimed at pleasing American visitors who wanted something spicy and boozy for their brunches. Today, it's a staple of our brunch menu, perfect for kick-starting your weekend - or maybe sipping on a little “hair of the dog” as the case may be. Hey, we’ve all been there. 

What’s for Brunch at Ainslie 

Get ready for a bottomless brunch weekend! Our brunch menu offers a diverse range of dishes designed to cater to all tastes, from classic Eggs Benedict to Buongiorno Pizza topped with pancetta and sunny side eggs. For those looking to indulge a bit more this weekend, our $32 prix-fixe special includes 1.5 hours of unlimited brunch cocktails with any entrée. 

Speaking of cocktails, did you know that the Mimosa, just like the Bloody Mary, also originated in 1920’s France? It is believed to have been first served at the iconic Hotel Ritz Paris, although some beverage historians say it was actually invented in London at Buck’s Club. Either way, the Mimosa quickly became a symbol of leisurely, luxurious dining,  gaining popularity among the American and European elite. Its simplicity—equal parts sparkling wine and chilled citrus juice, typically orange—made it an instant classic, especially for daytime events like brunch, where its light, refreshing qualities could be fully appreciated. And we certainly do appreciate it - that’s why we’d never limit you to just one. 

To Drink  

Our unlimited brunch cocktail options include your choice of Spiked Iced Tea, Mimosa, or our version of the Bellini made with prosecco & white peach nectar. Of course, you can also order from our extensive cocktail, wine and beer menu which features house-crafted seasonal cocktails, a full list of wines by the bottle, plus 20 wines by the glass and four on tap, and 32 beers on tap from local and European breweries. See our full drink menu here.

To Eat

If you need new food ideas for brunch, we’ve got you covered. We don’t limit ourselves to eggs and pancakes around here. Our brunch menu was designed to please a discerning crowd, and features our Italian-inspired small plates and entrees, alongside our chef’s take of American classics. 

Start your meal with our flavorful Arancini, filled with fontina and served with a rich tomato sauce. For your main course, try the classic Eggs Benedict, elegantly prepared with prosciutto cotto. Our pizzas, like the unique Breakfast Pizza topped with mozzarella, pancetta, and eggs, are perfect for sharing. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to fall in love with chocolate chip gelato pancakes. Weekends aren’t for counting calories, after all. See our full brunch menu here. 

Brunch in the Bowery, Anyone? 

Brunch in the Bowery encapsulates the spirit of NYC’s diverse culinary evolution. This neighborhood, with its rich immigrant roots and artistic flair, has long been a melting pot of cultural and food innovations. Over the years, the Bowery's food scene has transitioned from simple street food origins to become a hub for gourmet experiences, including a love for authentic Italian cuisine. 

Fun fact about Italian food in the Bowery: the area's first pizza shop opened over a century ago, introducing New Yorkers to what would become a citywide, and eventually nationwide, culinary staple.

Our famous pizzas carry on the Italian-American tradition, cooked in a wood-fired hot oven and topped with fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

Seek, and You Shall Find: Bottomless Brunch Near Me

Bottomless brunch in NYC is so much more than a meal and the chance to day drink; it's a cultural phenomenon that embodies the best of New York City life. Brunch is the perfect way to soak in the weekend vibes with excellent food, flowing drinks, and great company.

Come join us at Ainslie’s Bowery location for the ultimate bottomless brunch at 199 Bowery, New York, NY. We serve brunch Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm, and Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm. Large groups are welcome! In fact, Ainslie is the perfect spot for brunch for large parties. We have the food, drinks, and plenty of space -  just bring your friends and your appetite. Reserve a table here.

People Also Ask

What does bottomless brunch mean?

Bottomless brunch is a dining option that includes unlimited servings of select beverages, typically alcoholic drinks like mimosas or Bloody Marys, during the brunch meal.

Are bottomless brunches worth it?

Bottomless brunches are worth it for individuals who enjoy social dining experiences with the added value of unlimited drinks, offering a festive atmosphere that can enhance the overall brunch experience.

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