Fun and Engaging Large Group Dinner Ideas at a Restaurant

In the heart of Brooklyn's thriving urban culture, Ainslie Brooklyn has carved out a special place for our community. Housed in a beautifully converted warehouse with roots stretching back to the 1870s, Ainslee is redefining the way groups gather and celebrate. With our building’s rich history and unique charm, we offer an unparalleled dining ambiance. Restaurants for large groups in Brooklyn can be hard to find, and we’re honored to fill that need.

Ainslie is thrilled to put down our roots as the quintessential Brooklyn party space for all kinds of gatherings, from corporate and large group events to cozy dinner parties to your best friend’s birthday bash

Renowned for serving up the best pizza in Brooklyn Ainslie is honored to be able to cater to the sophisticated tastes and diverse needs of our local urban professionals, artists, creators, gourmets, and all who travel to our beloved city and enter our doors

The Ultimate in Industrial Chic: A Brooklyn Party Place Like No Other

Ainslie stands out not just for our delectable Italian cuisine, but for our captivating setting. Our venue combines rustic charm with modern elegance, offering a spacious environment perfect for large group dinners, parties, and other large events. Whether you're organizing a social gathering, a work celebration, or an intimate cocktail party, Ainslie's ambiance imbues every occasion with a sense of history and character, true to the city we call home.

If you’re searching for rentable spaces for parties, our location is ideal, and Ainslee’s historical charm is always a conversation starter. Spacious yet inviting, Ainslie caters to small, medium, and large group events with ease.

While some restaurants with event space may limit your group to one option, Ainslie is fortunate to boast three spectacular floors to choose from. Guests always have plenty of space to mingle, whether it's in our first floor beer garden, our plush and inviting living room, or our rooftop bar with sweeping views of the Brooklyn skyline.

Large Group Bookings: Culinary Delights and Comfort Combined

While we love a great party just as much as the next guy, Ainslie is much more than an event space! We are here to feed you, and feed you well. After all, we weren’t voted the #1 Best Pizza Spot in Brooklyn for nothing!

Our expansive restaurant features an enoteca, beer garden, wine bar, and the crown jewel—wood-fired pizza that has quickly become a local favorite.

With a Happy Hour menu boasting arancini, wood-fired wings, and of course, our signature saltimbocca pizza, Ainslie offers an affordable luxury that doesn't compromise on taste or experience. Our extensive dinner menu further entices with a variety of Italian-inspired appetizers, salads, entrees, and pastas, all cooked to perfection.

If brunch is more your style, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been named the “best boozy brunch spot in NYC’ by Time Out Magazine, and we continue to live up to that title. Be sure to ask about our Family Style Brunch Menu for parties of eight or more.

Casual and Formal Events in Style

If your group is looking for a Brooklyn or Bowery event space that offers easy booking for large groups, Ainslie rises to any occasion. Whether it's a corporate event, a business meeting, a wedding reception, or a casual get-together, our team will make sure every detail is handled with care, from the menu selection to the seating arrangements. You’ll be able to pick from a variety of unique but equally charming spots from within our expansive walls at both locations.

Beer Garden: Laid-back Gatherings and Team Outings

For Casual Events: The beer garden, with its relaxed vibe and open-air setting, is perfect for informal gatherings, happy hours, or team outings. Picture a craft beer tasting event, where guests can enjoy a selection of local and international brews, accompanied by a variety of wood-fired pizzas and appetizers.

For Formal Events:Transform the beer garden into an elegant cocktail reception area. Utilize string lights, floral arrangements, and live acoustic music to create a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere. Offer a selection of craft cocktails and gourmet finger foods, ideal for networking events or post-wedding celebrations.

Living Room: Intimate Dinners and Creative Workshops

For Casual Events: The living room, with its cozy ambiance, serves as the perfect backdrop for intimate dinners or book club meetings. Arrange a series of small tables for a more personalized dining experience, featuring Ainslie's signature dishes.

For Formal Events: Utilize the living room for creative workshops or small-scale seminars. With comfortable seating and a warm atmosphere, it's ideal for events that combine learning with leisure, such as wine tasting classes or culinary demonstrations.

Rooftop: Spectacular Views for Special Occasions

For Casual Events: The rooftop offers breathtaking views of Brooklyn, making it an outstanding location for birthday parties or social gatherings. Host a sunset cocktail hour with a live DJ to create a memorable experience that combines casual fun with panoramic cityscapes.

For Formal Events: Book the rooftop for elegant wedding ceremonies or upscale corporate events. With the skyline as your backdrop, arrange for a seated dinner under the stars. Enhance the ambiance with elegant decor, a string quartet, and a custom menu to ensure an unforgettable evening.

Large Group Dining Near Me: Ainslie Brooklyn and Bowery Event Spaces

When planning a work event, a family celebration, or simply looking for a cozy spot to gather with friends, Ainslie offers a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience in spacious, elegant settings.

Our flagship location is in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Ainslie Street. Our newest location is on Bowery Street in lower Manhattan.

Come join us and discover why Ainslie is the premier destination for parties of all sizes, for everyone who appreciates drinking and dining out in style.

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