Why a Restaurant with Party or Event Rooms is a Great Choice for Large Groups

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Planning a dinner or an event for a large group can be challenging, and the search for the perfect venue can feel like a full-time job. However, with Ainslie's two locations and multiple event spaces, we're a beacon of hope for event planners and party organizers all over NYC. With a unique blend of convenience, ambiance, and impeccable service, Ainslie offers dedicated party or event rooms that elevate any gathering, from corporate events to family reunions or large groups of friends who just want a cool space to hang out. Let's talk about why Ainslie is the ideal setting for your next large group event, where we offer not only a fantastic meal and drinks, but a complete experience.

Large Group Dinner Reservations: Convenience and Comfort Combined

Organizing an event for any type of group often comes with its fair share of challenges. There is the cost to consider, the space itself, the noise, atmosphere, and of course, the food. Ainslie simplifies the process with our seamless approach to large group dining. Equipped to cater to the needs of larger parties, we take care of all the details so you can focus on your guest list. We offer spacious seating arrangements along with customizable menus featuring wood-fired pizzas and Italian-inspired dishes, taking the stress out of event planning. If you’re on the hunt for a go-to venue that facilitates hassle-free planning, we’ve got you covered.

Group Private Dining: Personalized Experiences in a Shared Space

For those seeking an intimate atmosphere without sacrificing the vibrancy of a shared dining experience, you’ll love our private dining options. These dedicated spaces enable personalized touches, allowing you to tailor your night out (or brunch!) to your group’s size and style. From custom menus to themed decor, we provide the perfect backdrop for your event ideas for large groups that come with a personal touch.

Whether it's a corporate meeting, a family celebration, or a night out with friends, Ainslie's private dining rooms offer an exclusive environment that never feels overly formal or too casual. We aren’t a dive bar, but we’re also not a country club. All of our spaces are elegant, spacious, charming, and most of all, comfortable. Best of all, you have options!

The Inviting Beer Garden: A Lush Urban Oasis

On the ground floor, Ainslie's beer garden is a verdant retreat in the heart of the city. With its lush greenery and rustic wooden furnishings, this space offers a relaxed and welcoming ambiance that’s ideal for casual gatherings, happy hours, and laid-back celebrations. The open-air design creates an oasis where guests can enjoy a selection of craft beers, artisanal cocktails, and wood-fired pizzas. The beer garden’s informal setup encourages mingling and socializing, making it perfect for large group events looking for a touch of nature with a dash of urban charm.

The Plush Living Room: Cozy Elegance Meets Modern Comfort

As you ascend to the second floor, you’re welcomed into the living room, a space where cozy elegance meets modern comfort. This area is designed with plush seating, warm lighting, and soft textures, creating an inviting atmosphere that feels like an upscale home gathering. The living room is ideally suited for intimate dinners, small group meetings, or creative workshops. It’s a space where conversation flows as freely as the wine, and the detailed touches in décor ensure that every event feels personal and exclusive. With the ability to customize the layout and ambiance, the living room caters to those seeking a sophisticated yet comfortable setting for their group.

The Rooftop Bar: Panoramic Views and Skyline Elegance

Ainslie’s the rooftop bar offers panoramic views of the Brooklyn skyline. This spectacular space is the epitome of urban elegance, combining sleek, modern design elements with the unmatched beauty of the city stretched out below. The rooftop is an exceptional choice for special occasions, including wedding ceremonies, corporate gatherings, or upscale cocktail parties. As day turns to night, the skyline lights up, providing a dramatic backdrop to your event. The rooftop bar not only offers an unforgettable view but also a versatile layout that can be tailored to fit the scale and style of your event.

Party Reservations Restaurant: Celebrate Without the Hassle

Ainslie specializes in party reservations, creating lively and welcoming environments for any occasion. With an experienced team dedicated to the minutiae of event planning, from décor adjustments to accommodating dietary restrictions, hosts can fully immerse themselves in the joy of the moment. We  want your next dinner, brunch, or big event to be nothing short of spectacular. We’ll take care of the menus and the awesome atmosphere, while you focus on making memories with your guests.

Why Choose Ainslie: Large Group Events Near Me

People come to Ainslie when they want a guaranteed amazing experience that includes sophisticated urban style paired with incredible food and drinks. When the search for "restaurants near me that take reservations for large groups” leads you to Ainslie, you're not just booking a space—you're locking in a venue where every event is treated with the distinction it deserves.

With three unique floors to choose from—the inviting beer garden, the plush living room, and the rooftop bar with its sweeping skyline views—we offer versatility and ambiance that is truly unmatched by other venues. Each space is a testament to our capability to tailor events to the specific vibes and needs of our guests

As you plan your next gathering, we are more than ready to accommodate your needs with elegance, flair, and unparalleled service. Let's start planning an event that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come. To get started, visit:

Or call us at Brooklyn 347-725 3400 , or Bowery 646-360-2194

We also take brunch reservations for large groups, and would be happy to accommodate you at either of our two locations!

People Also Ask

What to do with 30 people? 

For an event with 30 people, renting a spacious venue with room to mingle, or hosting a themed dinner party is recommended to ensure everyone is comfortably accommodated and engaged.

How do you entertain a large group of adults?

To entertain a large group of adults, organizing a meal, live entertainment, or a tasting event is effective, as these activities encourage participation and provide entertainment for all attendees.

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